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You can approve your payment in 2 ways

SMS + password

Once you have entered your credit card information during an online payment, you will automatically be sent to a page where you will be asked to approve with NemID. More specifically, it is the NemID key app that you need for the approval.

If you do not have a NemID key app, you can also approve with text code and password. Read how it goes below.

Approve with SMS + password

If you do not have a NemID key app, you must approve the payment with SMS + password. You will be required to register with your phone number and create a code for your debit card.
Register your phone number and a code for your card here >>

Once done, it works as follows:

1) Pay by card
Pay as usual in the webshop

2) Select SMS + code as authentication
Click on 'SMS + code' in the bottom right corner

3) Approve payment with SMS + password
Enter your code (received by SMS - text message) and your personal password.
If you want to change your phone number and password, do it here

4) Payment completed
After approval via SMS + password, your payment will be completed

Approve with NemID

1) Pay by card
Pay as usual in the webshop

2) Approve payment with NemID
Enter your NemID user ID and password

3) Send request for approval to key app
Send request to your phone / tablet

4) Approve the payment in the key app
By swiping to the right, you accept the payment

5) Payment completed
After the approval in the key app, your payment will be completed