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All linoleum tables and table tops that are ordered online are specially adapted for you and have a longer delivery time. Therefore, in Domusnord Showroom in Værløse (near Copenhagen) we have a selection of brand new linoleum tables and table tops in the beneath sizes and colours. Delivery can also be agreed with a price calculated based on the recipient's address. 

The tables and table tops are only sold from our showroom and paid for via debit card or MobilePay to our business number: 88822.

There is no cancellation right on tables and table tops.

Feel free to contact us to find out more or arrange a pick-up of a linoleum table or table top in a size and colour that suits your needs.

Contact us please:
Mail: info@domusnord.com 
Tel: 71 90 08 90


Linoleum table tops with edge in oak

In stockSize cmColourPrice
Yes120x60Ash2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Conifer2.699,00 kr.
Yes120x60Mushroom2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Nero2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Olive2.699,00 kr.
Yes120x60Pebble2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Pewter2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Pistachio2.699,00 kr.
No120x60Powder2.699,00 kr.
Yes120x60Smokey Blue2.699,00 kr.
Yes140x70Ash3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Conifer3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Mushroom3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Nero3.399,00 kr.
Yes140x70Olive3.399,00 kr.
Yes140x70Pebble3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Pewter3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Pistachio3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Powder3.399,00 kr.
No140x70Smokey Blue3.399,00 kr.
No160x80Ash4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Conifer4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Mauve4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Mushroom4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Nero4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Olive4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Pebble4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Pewter4.199,00 kr.
No160x80Pistachio4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Powder4.199,00 kr.
Yes160x80Smokey Blue4.199,00 kr.
Yes200x90Ash5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Conifer5.599,00 kr.
Yes200x90Mauve5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Mushroom5.599,00 kr.
Yes200x90Nero5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Olive5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Pebble5.599,00 kr.
Yes200x90Pewter5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Pistachio5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Powder5.599,00 kr.
No200x90Smokey Blue5.599,00 kr.
No200x95Powder5.999,00 kr.
No240x100Ash7.199,00 kr.
No240x100Conifer7.199,00 kr.
No240x100Mushroom7.199,00 kr.
Yes240x100Nero7.199,00 kr.
No240x100Olive7.199,00 kr.
No240x100Pebble7.199,00 kr.
Yes240x100Pewter7.199,00 kr.
No240x100Powder7.199,00 kr.
Yes240x100Smokey Blue7.199,00 kr.
No280x100Ash8.199,00 kr.


Linoleum table tops with edge in furniture plywood birch

In stockSize cmColourPrice
No120x60Ash2.999,00 kr.
No120x60Conifer2.999,00 kr.
Yes120x60Mushroom2.999,00 kr.
Yes120x60Nero2.999,00 kr.
Yes120x60Olive2.999,00 kr.
No120x60Pebble2.999,00 kr.
No120x60Pewter2.999,00 kr.
Yes120x60Pistachio2.999,00 kr.
No120x60Powder2.999,00 kr.
No120x60Smokey Blue2.999,00 kr.
No140x70Ash3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Conifer3.799,00 kr.
Yes140x70Mushroom3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Nero3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Olive3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Pebble3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Pewter3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Pistachio3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Powder3.799,00 kr.
No140x70Smokey Blue3.799,00 kr.
Yes160x80Ash4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Conifer4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Mushroom4.699,00 kr.
Yes160x80Nero4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Olive4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Pebble4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Pewter4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Pistachio4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Powder4.699,00 kr.
No160x80Smokey Blue4.699,00 kr.
Yes200x90Ash7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Conifer7.099,00 kr.
Yes200x90Mushroom7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Nero7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Olive7.099,00 kr.
Yes200x90Pebble7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Pewter7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Pistachio7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Powder7.099,00 kr.
No200x90Smokey Blue7.099,00 kr.
YesØ 124 cmNero 3.999,00 kr.
YesØ 124 cmAsh3.999,00 kr.
NoØ 124 cmOlive3.999,00 kr.
YesØ 124 cmMushroom3.999,00 kr.
YesØ 65 cm (24 mm)Pebble2.299,00 kr.

Linoleum table tops with black wooden edge MDF 28 mm

LagerStørrelse cmFarvePris
YesØ 128 cmAsh3.999,00 kr.
YesØ 128 cmOlive3.999,00 kr.
Yes120x60 cmConifer2.699,00 kr.
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