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Our history

In 1947 the Danish architect MAA Willy Fangel designed a toy brand that he named Connector Building Set and it became the start of a family corporation through generations. The idea behind Connector Building Set was to break the norm and make toys based on how children like to play and where the children’s imagination was in focus. Connector toys were designed on a geometric principle dominated by circles and squares and made in high quality beech wood. Right up until the 1990s, Connector toys were produced and sold in a number of countries and over the years received a number of awards and distinctions for its educational foresight.

In 2015, granddaughter Marie-Louise Fangel and her husband Claus Due got the idea for a new design of the well-known socket that we all often use as part of our daily lives. Inspired by Willy Fangel's geometric principles and based on high function and design, they designed the Connector socket and put it into production and from here the company Domusnord Copenhagen started. Subsequently, Domusnord Copenhagen has launched new designs - always with reference to Willy Fangel's geometric principles and to a large extent with an eye for the design's daily function and reality. The design duo develops their own designs and also works closely with skilled industrial designers and architects who share the passion for the great Danish functional design tradition. The idea in a design is always based on the actual way we live and work. At Domusnord Copenhagen, we thereby pay an honour to the connection between the simple and the practical design united in good and honest materials.

Welcome to Domusnord Copenhagen.